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Join Us at CAPA Airline Leader Summit - Airlines in Transition

Mar 01, 2024 | News

TA Connections is excited to participate in CAPA’s lead event, CAPA Airline Leader Summit, which is part of a series of global summits held across the Asia Pacific, the Americas and Europe. The Leader Summit will take place on March 7-8 in Granada, Spain and offers comprehensive coverage of the air travel industry and the vital issues that are shaping the sector at the regional level and beyond. 

Join us at Booth 14 to discover TA Connections’ range of products and solutions, including: TA Crew Hub, TA Disruption Hub, TA Ramp, TA Inflight, and TA Airport.

We’ll also provide a personalized demonstration for how you can:

  • Reduce costs across your entire operation, including crew lodging and logistics, ramp, turn, and airport systems, and disrupted passenger management.
  • Improve performance and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Increase the efficiency of your customer service, crew management, and operations teams.
  • Provide automated digital and mobile solutions for manual, paper-intensive tasks 

Join us at Booth 14 at the CAPA Airline Leader Summit for a personal demonstration on how we can control costs for your airline and improve your passenger experience. To learn more about our entire suite of digital solutions for airline passengers, crews, and operations, you can also check out our Digital Disruption in Aviation Series.