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5 Ways TA Crew Hub Streamlines Your Crew Logistics Management Processes

Feb 17, 2023 | News

Did you know you can improve your crew’s layover experience and stay compliant with FAA regulations for crew layovers, all while reducing costs and streamlining your operations? It’s possible with a configurable rules engine that uses leading technology methods, which automate up to 97 percent of core workflows. That’s right, 97 percent!

Meet TA Crew Hub: TA Connection’s all-in-one crew logistics management system digitizes, automates, and streamlines the crew logistics management processes. This system provides immediate access to a crew’s hotel, transport, positioning flight, and invoice data that allows you to be more efficient and make better business decisions in real-time.

What’s included in the TA Crew Hub?

TA Crew Hub is compatible with over 30 different Crew Management Systems (CMS), with the ability to provide two-way web services. The “what-if” analysis tool allows you to attain the lowest crew layover costs by effectively matching contract terms to flight schedules. Additionally, our mobile app provides real-time hotel and transport data to your crew members.

5 Ways TA Crew Hub Streamlines Your Crew Management Processes

  1. Operations Management: Through transparency and visibility, airlines can make operational decisions on crew layover requirements, all while meeting FAA regulations and compliance. Continuous market sourcing and buying power gets you the best rates on hotels and transportation.

  2.  Near Continuous Market Pricing: Near constant market monitoring by our built-in artificial intelligence means TA Connections is continuously sourcing and negotiating the best hotel rates for airlines. You get the best rates, and your crews get access to quality hotel rooms so they can rest and recharge.

  3. Analytics & Reporting: Real-time access to operational and financial-based analytics, shows you how and where your money is being spent. This important data contributes to smarter decision-making for your team.

  4. E-Billing & Reconciliation Module: The web-based module is easy to use, while providing clear, accurate, and efficient processing that can be accessed at any time.

  5. Vendors: TA Crew Hub provides hotels and transportation vendors a web-based, automated communications platform, making it easier to manage crews’ needs. This allows them to manage reservations, changes, and modifications in real-time, so vendors can support your unique business needs.

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