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TA Connections Supplemental Privacy Policy

Last Update: November 1, 2023
Effective: November 1, 2023

TA Connections generally processes personal information at the direction of its airline customers and in order to provide its airline customers with various services. In those situations, TA Connections is acting as a “processor” of personal data on behalf of the relevant airline customer, and its processing activities are governed by the relevant airline customer.  Accordingly, you should refer to the privacy notice of the airline that provided you services for an explanation of how the airline collects, shares, uses, and processes information about you.

When TA Connections, rather than one if its airline customers, determines the purpose and means of processing your personal information (for example, our airline customers’ business contact information), TA Connections is acting a “controller” of personal data, and its processing activities are governed by the Corpay U.S. Privacy Policy, located here, or, and by this TA Connections Supplemental Privacy Policy, which governs to the extent it is more specific or contradicts any provision in the Corpay U.S. Privacy Policy.

In addition, please see the additional information below for residents of non-US jurisdictions.


TA Connections complies with applicable privacy laws in relevant geographic jurisdictions. If you reside outside of the U.S. and have questions about TA Connections’ compliance with your local privacy law, please contact us at privacy@corpay.com.



Context Types of Information Legal Basis for Collection
Customer Information When you request, contract for, or
inquire about any of our services,
we may collect identifiers, such as
your name, alias, email address or
phone number, or signature.
We collect this information based on our
legitimate interest in providing you and
your company with the services you request.
Marketing & Networking When you sign up for our email
or other marketing lists or
interact with any of our
employees, we may collect your
name, employment
information, work email
address or phone number,
and other information you
provide us for the purposes
of marketing.
We collect this information based on our
legitimate interest in contacting you
about services you and your company
may be interested in. Where required by
law, we base this information upon your consent.
Cookies & First Party Tracking We use cookies and clear GIFs.
A cookie is a small data file that
a website transfers to your
computer’s hard drive. Web
beacons (sometimes called
transparent GIFs, clear GIFs, or
web bugs) are small strings of
code that provide a way for us
to deliver a small graphic image
(usually invisible) on a web page
or in an email. Web beacons
can recognize certain types
of information on your computer
such as cookies, the time and
date a web page is viewed,
and a description of the web
page where the web beacon
is placed
We process this information based on our
legitimate interest in providing you an
improved experience on our websites and
platforms, including to troubleshoot and
perform analytics on the services, provide
you with content customized to your interests,
and understand whether users read email
messages and click on links contained
within those messages so that our websites
can deliver relevant content. We may also use
web beacons, web server logs, and similar
standard technologies to track your use of our
websites or to track your response to email
messages that we send you in connection with
our websites. Where required by law, such
as with third party cookies, we base this
processing upon your consent.
Cookies & Third Party Tracking We may use third-party
advertising companies to serve
advertisements regarding
products and services that may
interest you when you access
and use our websites or online
or mobile applications, other
websites or applications, or
other online services. To serve
such advertisements, these
companies place or recognize
a unique cookie on your browser,
including through use of pixel tags.
We use this information to deliver
relevant ads. We base the use of
third-party cookies upon consent.


Contact information for TA Connections’ privacy representative at privacy@corpay.com.