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Passenger Logistics Lodging & Support

When disruptions happen, TA Connections is the solution. Our proactive disruption system effectively manages passenger IROP events to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and streamline operations for customer service teams.

TA Disruption Hub

Our proactive disruption management system seamlessly integrates with existing systems to streamline any disruption event. TA Disruption Hub proactively monitors passenger itineraries and flight operations to identify and treat disruption events that will take place both months in advance and at the last minute. Once the disruption is identified, TA Disruption Hub then creates a personalized resolution plan that could include reticketing on new flights, hotel and transportation reservations, and other benefits, then communicates that directly with the passengers, often before they even know a disruption occurs. Watch the video for more details or download the product sheet. Download Product Sheet

Notification Engine

Our powerful, single-notification platform manages all communication to passengers from the time of booking to post arrival, including real-time visibility into luggage location.

Operations Dashboard

Reduce service staff workload with our browser-based OTP dashboard that’s built to reduce costs and monitor your airline’s entire operation.

Self-Service Portal

Our white-labeled, self-service portal allows travelers to quickly manage any disruption event from one place, including rebooking flights and processing refunds.

Hotel Logistics and Support

Manage and automate hotel reservations, create vouchers or travel credits, and reserve transportation to improve your passengers’ experience from start to finish.

24/7 Support Services

Our passenger solutions are backed by a 24/7 customer support team that speaks 25+ languages.

TA Connections streamlines operations to improve passengers’ experience from start to finish.

Gain access to the disruption portal that monitors your entire airline, detects any disruption event, improves passenger communication, and enables passenger self service.

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