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TA Ramp: Airline Management Solutions

Oct 14, 2022 | News

Meet TA Ramp: helping airlines transform their aviation operations. See how this solution reduces mishandled bags and associated lost baggage costs.

What is TA Ramp?

TA Ramp is a digital and mobile platform that tracks bags, integrates with weight and balance systems to reduce errors, and alerts staff and passengers if checked bags don’t make it on the flight. This platform digitizes your ramp operation to improve every flight departure and reduce the number of passengers who lose bags.

How TA Ramp Transforms Ramp Operations

●      Digital, paperless ramp: TA Ramp creates a 100% digital ramp. Users can view and access any manuals, documents, and checklists, and manage any ramp check and training resources.

●      IATA 753-compliant BRS: TA Ramp helps our customers reduce mishandled baggage by up to 40% with fast, digital baggage scanning, a quick baggage offload process, and the ability for passengers to track their own bag.

●      Real-time information: TA Ramp includes an on-time performance dashboard with real-time flight and operation information. View check-in and boarding information, flight information, gate and bay information, and aircraft changes, plus get real-time alerts for any issue that could impact flight departure. 

●      Seamless integration: TA Tamp integrates with any core PSS and DCS and third-party load planning and weight and balance systems, cargo systems, and lost baggage tracing systems.

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