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TA Connections Solutions: TA Disruption Hub

Feb 03, 2023 | News

It’s expected that airlines will have some type of travel disruption, whether it’s unexpected weather delays, staffing shortages, missed connections, or technology challenges. It’s the airlines’ responsibility to handle these disruptions with the least amount of inconvenience placed on the passenger. Airlines can manage these disruptions and get passengers back on track to their destination with a streamlined management solution.

Meet the TA Disruption Hub: TA Connection’s real-time communication engine that reduces the total cost of passenger disruptions, while ensuring compliance with governmental regulations and customer service policies and expectations.

What is the TA Disruption Hub?

The TA Disruption Hub is a real-time disruption management system that notifies the passenger of a disruption, gets them reticketed, provides hotels, meals, compensation, and transportation if needed. All of this is communicated to the passenger through text message, email, or in-app via the integrated Notification Engine, which keeps the passenger advised along every step of the disruption event. The TA Disruption Hub handles anything from the front-end to the back-end of a disrupted passenger experience.

What’s included in the TA Disruption Hub?

The TA Disruption Hub is a smart B2B dashboard that monitors your operation. Our web-based operations dashboard system is deployed across your airline, including central flight operations, call centers, social media teams, and airport agents. The operations dashboard is the single command center for managing every disruption event.

The TA Disruption Hub also includes a smart notification engine that manages all communication to passengers from the time of booking to post arrival, including real-time visibility into the location of their luggage. Passengers also have access to our white-labeled self-service portal that allows them to quickly manage any disruption event from one place, including rebooking flights and processing refunds.

TA Connections has cultivated relationships with thousands of hotel partners around the world, providing you access to discounted hotel rooms and cost savings. This provides not only the best possible customer experience during a difficult time, it also reduces your airline’s disruption costs.

5 Ways TA Disruption Hub Transforms Airline Operations

  1. Automated Disruption Management: the TA Disruption Hub’s intelligence drives smarter automation across multiple disruption events and tasks to minimize negative effects for passengers and crew members.
  2. Improves Communication: TA Disruption Hub smart notification engine keeps passengers informed by their preferred method of communication via email, text message or in-app throughout a disrupted event.
  3. Seamless Integration: TA Disruption Hub easily integrates with multiple key partners and existing systems. Based on your airline’s rules and any legislative requirements, TA Disruption Hub uses real-time decision making to reduce disruption costs and improve customer satisfaction.
  4. Elevates Passenger Experience: TA Disruption Hub’s automation and smart passenger self-service portal means that passengers can spend zero time in lines if their travel is disrupted. TA Disruption Hub processes refunds, creates credits, and issues vouchers so passengers can keep moving.
  5. Access to TA Connection’s Hotel Partners: TA Connections has cultivated relationships with thousands of hotel partners around the world, providing access to discounted hotel rooms and cost savings.

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