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5 Ways TA Airport Improves the Passenger Experience

Nov 28, 2022 | News

Introducing another way to improve your airline’s operation: TA Airport. Through our recent Levarti acquisition, TA Connections members now have access to TA Airport, a new solution to improve your passenger experience and airline operations.

What is TA Airport?

TA Airport technology creates a digital and mobile airport operation that’s designed to reduce reliance on airport infrastructure. With TA Airport, airlines can streamline their entire airport operation and facilitate digital and contactless touchpoints to grow ancillary revenue and improve the passenger and staff experiences.

With TA Airport, airlines:

●  Grow Revenue: Airlines can capture previously untapped revenue opportunities with quick ancillary sales and mobile payments from anywhere.

●  Reduce Costs: Reduce airport footprint and break free from the constraints of fixed or legacy infrastructure.

●  Mobilize: Mobilize their airport agents, completely transforming the airport experience with the ability to service passengers from any location.

5 Ways that TA Airport Improves the Passenger Experience

  1. Simplified Check In: Manage all aspects of domestic and international check in from any location. TA Airport has the ability to capture passport data, perform visa checks, give passengers mobile boarding passes, and print boarding passes and bag tags to a mobile Bluetooth printer.

  2. Streamlined Boarding: Remove your airline’s dependency on fixed infrastructure and improve the boarding process. TA Airport supports concurrent boarding with DCS or can act as the primary boarding channel.

  3. Enhanced Service: TA Airport combines real-time information including an On-Time Performance dashboard with our feature-rich mobile DCS so your staff can improve every passenger touchpoint.

  4. Disruption Management and Flight Changes: When flights change or get delayed, your staff can modify flights, rebook, and upgrade passengers’ cabins from TA Airport. The app also includes misconnection management and the ability to issue refunds and meal vouchers.

  5. Digitize Processes: Airlines have a form for everything, TA Airport not only digitizes those forms, but transforms the action of the form, by updating downline systems vs. passing paper between departments.

TA Connections streamlines operations for airlines and travelers globally. Speak to a solutions expert to see how your airline can reduce costs while improving the passenger experience.