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World Aviation Festival

Aug 31, 2023 | News

TA Connections is excited to return to the World Aviation Festival - Europe. We’ll be exhibiting a the World Aviation Festival September 26-28 in Lisbon, Portugal to highlight our disrupted passenger management, crew lodging and logistics, and digital operations solutions for airlines from around the world. 

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Join us at the World Aviation Festival-Europe to discover three of our management solutions: TA Crew Hub and TA Disruption Hub, both with Intelligent Ticketing Switch, a new, state-of-the-art integrated technology, and TA Digital Hub, that digitizes otherwise manual and paper-based operations.

With TA Crew Hub, our crew logistics management system, and Intelligent Ticketing Switch, airlines are able to

  • Automate 97% of crew scheduled and IROP accommodations and transportation
  • Get instant visibility into data and insights in a consolidated user interface, including global operations and layovers, and deep analytics and reporting insights
  • Identify opportunities to reduce cost by controlling leakages like hotel cancellations, no-shows, taxes, and buy-backs

With TA Disruption Hub, our passenger disruption system and Intelligent Ticketing Switch airlines can:

  • Improve customer loyalty by creating a positive customer experience during disruption events
  • Control costs by setting business logic and rules, including Max Fare Policy, fare type, class of service, and preferred carriers by passenger or carrier operations rules
  • Manage customer communications with notifications for customers about flights and disruption events with their preferred method of communication
  • Gain full visibility into all available flights on a single platform and can be integrated between airlines Passenger Service Systems (PSS) and Departure Control Systems (DCS) 

With TA Digital Hub, airlines can

  • Digitize the ramp operation to tracks bags, manages aircraft weight and balance systems, and alerts passengers if their checked bag doesn’t make it on the flight
  • Gain real-time transparency into aircraft turnaround, and monitor every step to improve on-time performance for arrival and departure tasks
  • Create a digital and mobile airport operation to reduce reliance on airport infrastructure

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To learn more about our entire suite of digital solutions for airline passengers, crews, and operations, you can also check out our Digital Disruption in Aviation Series.