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New Airline Crew Management Solutions

May 03, 2023 | News

After three years of virtual meetings, the TA Connections team is excited to attend AGIFORS 2023 in person and to highlight our crew management solutions for airlines and aviation-related companies from around the world. 

If you’re also planning to attend, schedule a meeting with us for a personal solution demonstration for the latest in crew solutions.

Crews are one of an airline’s most important assets, and as the global airline industry returns to profit in 2023 and more flights take place, airlines need to find ways to provide mobile and digital travel solutions so their crews can focus on what they do best: flight.

At TA Connections, we’re committed to helping our customers keep up with the growth in air travel and to simplifying travel logistics for crew members through easier hotel reservations, real-time booking alerts, virtual payment solutions, and more. We take a manual system to a paperless process to reduce what used to take hours to minutes.  

Here’s a preview of two of our solutions that will be presented at AGIFORS 2023: The TA Crew Hub and our new Intelligent Ticketing Switch.  

TA Crew Hub: An All-in-One Crew Logistics Management System

The TA Crew Hub is a comprehensive, intelligent crew logistics management suite that seamlessly integrates with any Crew Management System to fully automate crew logistics in real time. The TA Crew Hub is powered by our Logic Engine and informed by each airline’s business rules, so crews can rest and recover to deliver the best possible service to passengers, and airlines can remain compliant with federal regulations. 

With the TA Crew Hub, airlines are able to: 

  • Automate 97% of crew scheduled and IROP accommodations and transportation. 

  • Centralize communications in real-time to everyone involved in crew logistics management, including airlines’ operations teams, hotels, transportation vendors, and crews themselves. 

  • Reduce staffing required to run operations. Airline agents only need to manage any exceptions. 

  • Get instant visibility into data and insights in a consolidated user interface, including global operations and layovers, and deep analytics and reporting insights.

  • Identify cost leakages like hotel cancellations, no-shows, taxes, and buy-backs. 

  • Connect to their CMS in real-time, so wherever your crew is, at any time, TA Connections can support them with hotels, meals, transportation, and flight bookings to their next destination. 

  • Gain access to an expanded supply of flight options, including Global Distribution Systems (GDS), New Distribution Capability (NDC), private inventory, and other airlines. The TA Crew Hub connects directly to airlines’ reservation systems, all within a single interface, to give them the most flight options at the best price available. 

Intelligent Ticketing Switch: A State-of-the-Art Aggregate Airline Ticketing Switch

In early 2023, we launched our newest integrated technology offering for aviation customers: a state-of-the-art aggregate airline ticketing switch. Available within the TA Disruption & Digital Hub (formerly the MAX platform) and the TA Crew Hub, this new technology provides automated, “smart” ticketing through our intelligent ticketing switch. It connects seamlessly to multiple supply channels including GDS, NDC, and other private inventory and airline reservation systems via a single connection. 

The airline ticketing solution leverages advanced technology methodologies and is tightly coupled to the TA Disruption Hub and the TA Crew Hub rules & logic engines. With this solution, customers gain unparalleled access to inventory, configurable compliance policies, automated pricing, and fare optimization. It’s a fully digital ticketing experience that meets global crew and passengers needs. 

Digital, Mobile, Smarter, Connected — TA Connections is simplifying the airline disruption process from start to finish. 

Register for a meeting with TA Connections at AGIFORS here. 

To learn more about our entire suite of digital solutions for airline passengers, crews, and operations, check out our Digital Disruption in Aviation Series today.