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Discover TA Connections’ Crew Solutions at AGIFORS 2023

May 03, 2023 | News

TA Connections is excited to participate in the first in-person AGIFORS since 2019! We’ll be at AGIFORS 2023 May 22 - 24 in Santiago de Chile to highlight our crew management solutions for airlines from around the world. 

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Join us at AGIFORS to discover two of our crew management solutions: The TA Crew Hub, our all-in-one crew logistics management system; and our Intelligent Ticketing Switch, a new, state-of-the-art integrated technology offering. With these solutions, airlines are able to: 

  • Automate 97% of crew scheduled and IROP accommodations and transportation

  • Centralize communications in real-time to everyone involved in crew logistics management

  • Reduce staffing required to run operations

  • Get instant visibility into data and insights in a consolidated user interface

  • Identify cost leakages

  • Connect to their CMS in real-time

  • Gain access to an expanded supply of flight options

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