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TA Connections: Airline Managers’ End-to-End Operations Solution

Sep 28, 2023 | News

The airline industry is large, and like most others, have companies that have carved out unique business models that work for them. There are full service carriers that focus on providing elite services and world class customer care, and there are low cost carriers that get a customer from point A to B in the most efficient manner possible, passing on as much value as possible to their passengers.

Have you ever wondered why TA Connections can serve all of these different business models? It’s because TA Connections offers solutions for challenges that all airlines face, regardless of the markets they serve. We create a solid foundation for an airline to effectively meet their business goals and customers’ needs.

At TA Connections, our priority is to support every aspect of an airline’s operations and team members, from the managers who oversee an airline’s day-to-day operations, to the customer service teams and ticketing agents who interact directly with passengers every day. Our solutions are designed to streamline tasks and simplify decisions for airlines’ behind-the-scenes teams so they can better support their crews and passengers when disruptions happen.

Get to know our full suite of end-to-end aviation solutions that help airlines control costs, simplify processes, and improve customer loyalty.

Solution #1 TA Crew Hub: For your crew members lodging and logistics needs

Airline crew management teams are responsible for overseeing and coordinating the scheduling, training, and overall well-being of crew members. These teams play a crucial role in ensuring that the correct number of crew members are scheduled and that crews have the lodging and transportation they need while traveling. When disruptions occur, crew management teams are also tasked with finding last-minute accommodations and transportation for crews.

Our solution? TA Crew Hub, an all-in-one crew logistics management system that digitizes, automates, and streamlines crew layover management processes. TA Crew Hub manages all of the logistics for crews, including positioning flights, hotels and transportation, and offers it on a self-service platform that empowers crews to make their own reservations — within their airlines’ company rules and guidelines. Crews get more flexibility, and crew management teams don’t have to worry about their crews getting the lodging and transportation they need.

TA Crew Hub also manages vendor invoicing and any reconciliation. Airlines can be confident they’re getting the best prices because the platform is backed by TA Connections proprietary sourcing software and industry insights. We constantly monitor market conditions so airlines get the best possible price on crew accommodations.

Solution #2 TA Inflight: Create a digital cabin for your in-flight crews

Our next solution is TA Inflight, which creates a digital cabin for flight crews. TA Inflight delivers in-depth passenger information, including booking information and passenger profiles, and includes an in-air retail shop that allows passengers to upgrade their flight experience with food, beverages, and in-flight media.

TA Inflight can take payments on devices in the air, which increases your airline’s chance for ancillary revenue. It significantly improves the inflight experience for passengers, who get increased customer service, and crews, who are able to serve passengers more easily and quickly.

Solution #3 TA Disruption Hub: An automated disruption engine to get passengers back on track fast

Offering high-quality customer service is critical to retaining customers, attracting new ones, and standing out from the competition. TA Disruption Hub automates the disruption process by proactively monitoring passenger itineraries and flight operations to identify and fulfill passenger entitlements in real-time. When a disruption arises, it creates an automated disruption plan for each customer according to their itinerary and contacts the passenger, often before they even realize a disruption has occurred.

TA Disruption Hub can rebook flights, process refunds, create credits, issue meal vouchers, and book hotel accommodations and ground transportation. Plus, it fully automates the back-end, automatically ticketing flights, reserving hotel rooms, and managing vendor invoicing and any reconciliation. It improves customer satisfaction by automatically serving disrupted passengers, which gives customer service teams the time and ability to focus on more complex disruptions.

The next three solutions are part of TA Digital Hub, our suite of solutions designed to streamline operations and reduce downtime between flights.

Solution #4 TA Airport: A mobile Departure Control System (DCS) to transform your customers’ airport experience and reduce reliance on airport infrastructure

TA Airport integrates with all airline systems to become a mobile Departure Control System (DCS), creating roaming agents to meet customers where they’re located in the airport. It frees the customers’ airport experience by reducing time in line, streamlines airport infrastructure, and improves ancillary revenue.

TA Airport improves operations by allowing ticketing agents to roam with a mobile DCS. It supports check-in, boarding, ancillary sales, passport capture, and digital boarding tags, and during disruptions, customer service teams can go directly to customers to manage disruptions and missed connections. TA Airport also processes refunds and generates vouchers, which eliminates lines and saves time for operations managers. Plus, with the ability for airline agents to roam, TA Airport reduces reliance on airport infrastructure, which saves airlines significant costs.

Solution #5: TA Ramp: A digital baggage reconciliation system so you don’t have to worry about mishandled luggage

Our next solution simplifies luggage handling. TA Ramp is an integrated baggage reconciliation system with real-time operational data to improve communications, and reduce mishandled bags. It integrates with multiple core airline systems including DCS, Flight Operations, and Weight and Balance systems to create a paperless ramp operation, plus it’s compliant with IATA 753 regulations.

TA Ramp also accesses real-time tracking information and alerts agents when baggage is mishandled so they can respond quickly to issues and create resolution plans to ensure that bags get to the right destination. It simplifies baggage reconciliation, gives operations managers peace of mind, and gives executives confidence that customers are getting the best service possible.

Solution #6: TA Turn: An integrated turnsheet to improve On-Time-Performance

The last (but not least) solution is TA Turn, a mobile system that monitors tasks and associated actions with every flight arrival and departure to ensure optimal On Time Performance (OTP). TA Turn also integrates with airlines’ PSS, DCS, and Flight Operations systems, which means that the majority of tasks are monitored and actioned automatically. It also monitors and assigns a majority of tasks above and below the wing automatically, speeding up departure time and keeping flight crews and passengers safe.

TA Turn creates a digital turnsheet with tasks customized to each specific operation, helping airlines remain compliant with domestic and international, narrow body or wide body, and country, station, or airport-specific regulations. When tasks aren’t completed or are behind schedule, TA Turn alerts agents so that a plan can be created to increase on-time departure.

Solutions that transform aviation operations.

TA Connections supports end-to-end solutions for your crew, disrupted passengers, and airline operations. To find out how you can realize these cost savings and operational efficiencies, request a custom demo.