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Levarti is now a part of TA Connections!

Nov 09, 2022 | News


TA Connections and Levarti have come together to combine their solutions and expertise to create the airline industry’s most comprehensive airline logistics management program. 

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TA Connections now has the power to offer a breadth of solutions that support end-to-end airline operations, from crew logistics to passenger disruptions to effective airport systems. 


TA Crew Hub


Once known as the Intelligent Crew Logistics Management suite, our updated platform, TA Crew, seamlessly integrates with any crew management system to fully automate crew logistics in real time. Reduce your operations center workload through our self-service mobile and web platforms.


TA Inflight


Empower your crews, improve productivity, and deliver enhanced inflight service with our truly digital cabin, which is complete with a quick integrated point of sale to grow inflight retail revenue. TA Inflight, once called Max Crew, allows your team to deliver personalized service to your customers, improving the passenger experience.


TA Disruption Hub


A proactive digital passenger disruption management system that addresses every disruption event, from automatic detection to real-time passenger notifications. The TA Disruption Hub, combined with the Operations Dashboard and Smart Notify, retickets and rebooks flights, reserves hotels, processes refunds and creates vouchers all from a white labeled self-service portal.


TA Airport 


TA Airport creates a digital and mobile airport operation to reduce your reliance on airport infrastructure. TA Airport, once called Max Airport, streamlines your entire airport operation and facilitates digital and contactless touchpoints to grow ancillary revenue and improve passenger service.


TA Turn


Our fully-integrated turnaround management system delivers real-time transparency into aircraft turnaround. This platform, once known as MAX Turn, now TA Turn, is designed to monitor every step to improve on-time performance for arrival and departure tasks.


TA Ramp


Once called Max Ramp, TA Ramp will digitize your ramp operation to improve every flight departure. TA Ramp tracks bags, manages aircraft weight and balance systems, and alerts passengers if their checked bag doesn’t make it on the flight


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