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New Solutions to Transform Your Aviation Operations

Oct 25, 2022 | News

TA Connections is excited to announce our expanded line-up of end-to-end solutions to improve your airline operations! In 2022, airline software platform company Levarti became a part of TA Connections, allowing us to offer our members more resources and advanced technology, including solutions that automate passenger disruptions.

Airlines can count on TA Connections to help control costs, simplify management, and improve customer satisfaction. Take a look at our latest solutions.

TA Crew Hub: TA Crew is a complete suite of intelligent crew layover management solutions. This platform integrates seamlessly with any crew management system to fully automate crew logistics in real time, getting your hard working crews hotels, meals, and transportation. Airlines will see a reduction in costs from operation center workloads, improved accuracy with billing and payment solutions, and better communication with crews.

TA Inflight: Our fully digital cabin for crews, TA Inflight, improves productivity and streamlines inflight operations while growing revenue. TA Inflight creates a truly paperless cabin that integrates with your core PSS, Loyalty, DCS, and Flight Operations. Plus, it empowers crews to improve passenger service and grow revenue with rich passenger information and an integrated point of sale app for retail and duty-free sales.

TA Disruption Hub: The TA Disruption Hub is a proactive disruption system that manages flight re-bookings, hotels, meals, compensation, and transportation, if necessary. Every change is communicated to the passengers through the integrated Notifications Engine. The smart dashboard integrates with PSS and flight operations systems to monitor the entire airline for any disruption event, from advanced schedule changes months before travel, to any flight disruption on the day of operations.

TA Ramp: TA Ramp is a digital and mobile platform that tracks bags, reduces potential errors through integration with weight and balance systems, and alerts passengers if their checked bag doesn’t make it on the flight. This platform digitizes your ramp operation to improve every flight departure and reduce the number of lost bag claims.

TA Ramp includes an on-time performance dashboard with real-time flight and operation information that allows staff to view check-in and boarding information, flight information, gate and bay information, and aircraft changes.

TA Turn: This fully-integrated turnaround management system application delivers transparency into all turn tasks to improve on-time performance. TA Turn is designed to monitor every step of aircraft turnaround, tracking every task in three essential phases: arrival, departure, and turnaround tasks, which gives users a real-time view of each critical phase of flight turnaround.

TA Airport: TA Airport technology creates a digital and mobile airport operation that’s designed to increase ancillary revenue capture, digitize airport processes and forms, and reduce reliance on airport infrastructure. With TA Airport, airlines can streamline their entire airport operation and facilitate digital and contactless touchpoints to grow ancillary revenue and improve passenger service. Plus, airport agents can service passengers from any location, including giving passengers mobile boarding passes and modifying flight reservations.

Get ready to transform your airline operations.

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