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TA Turn: Turnaround Management System

Nov 02, 2022 | News

At TA Connections, we’re always looking for new ways to improve every aspect of airlines’ operations, from check in to departure. With TA Turn, aircraft turnaround can be easier than ever. Here’s how it works.

What is TA Turn?

TA Turn, our fully-integrated turnaround management system, delivers real-time transparency into aircraft turnaround tasks. This digital and mobile platform is designed to monitor every step to improve on-time performance for arrival and departure tasks.

How TA Turn Improves On-Time Performance

  1. More flexibility. TA Turn can be accessed from any location via a centralized operations center through the dashboard or TA Airport and TA Ramp iOS apps. Local staff can be alerted to potential aircraft turnaround delays.
  2. Smart turn phases. TA Turn tracks every task in three essential phases: arrival, departure, and turnaround tasks, which gives users a real-time view of each critical phase of flight turnaround.
  3. Turn sheet options. Create a turnsheet tailored to your airline’s operation. Configurable options include domestic or international, narrow body or wide body, and country, station, or airport specific.
  4. Real-time alerts. TA Turn pushes real-time alerts to your staff when any task is delayed, so you can detect issues more quickly.
  5. Automatic updates. Because TA Turn integrates with multiple systems, including your PSS, DCS, and flight operations system as well as other third party systems, the majority of turnaround tasks are updated automatically.

Achieve the highest level of on-time performance with TA Turn. Speak to a solutions expert to learn more about our streamlined airline management solutions.