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New to the Crew? Consider These Tips for Optimizing Your In-Flight Experience

Sep 12, 2022 | News

After more than two years, air travel rates are approaching 2019 levels, with pent-up demand taking precedence over inflationary concerns. According to the Transportation Security Administration, almost 2.2 million people traveled through the skies on June 22, 2022 – not quite reaching the nearly 2.6 million airline passengers on the same date in 2019, but showing tremendous growth toward pre-pandemic levels. 


To staff more flights, airlines have been adding and onboarding new crew members. We’ve compiled tips that new (and seasoned) crew members can use to be successful and to create the best possible passenger experience for each flight, whether they’re checking in passengers, loading baggage, or turning the aircraft over.


Convenience – easily book a hotel room from your device


When flight crews are done after a long shift, they’re tired. A typical on-duty shift can last 12 hours. Airlines want to make finding a space for their teams to rest and recharge as easy as possible.


To save time and increase convenience for crews, TA Connections works jointly with hundreds of global hotel suppliers to get crew members quickly and easily to a home away from home for much-needed rest and an improved layover experience. The TA Crew Hub, one of our mobile solutions, provides real-time availability for hotel rooms and transportation bookings to get crew members where they need to go. Plus, it’s fully integrable with any airline’s crew management system (CMS).


Turn sullen passengers into satisfied ones


As an airline crew member, there are certain skills that you likely need to be successful in your role, such as friendliness, flexibility, and the ability to provide exceptional service while working under pressure. Making sure passengers feel welcome, comfortable, safe, and relaxed are a large part of the job. It also makes the flying experience better when passengers know they are being heard and taken care of.


Sometimes, crew members must take control of less-than-ideal situations, like ensuring passenger compliance with airline rules or even conveying calmness during turbulence.


TA Connections can help you put stressed-out or frustrated guests at ease with contactless vouchers and disrupted passenger solutions. Electronic vouchers are redeemable from passengers’ devices to book rooms and access meal coupons. These are available for crew member use, too.


Our TA Disruption Hub helps passengers with missed connections, delays and flight cancellations find other options.


Support crews with the latest technology


In a global survey from May 2020, 60% of air travel industry stakeholders said they expected automation and artificial intelligence (AI) investments would rise after the pandemic. TA Connections’ data-driven solutions, backed by machine learning, are leveraging blockchain methodologies to support crews, displaced passengers and airline operations. Our solutions can help crew members’ in-flight time be a smoother and more successful experience.


The market is growing, and crew members are integral to that growth. Let us help you take advantage of the tailwinds with member access and global support from any time zone, 24/7/365. Visit our website to find out more.