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How GOL Airlines Improved the Passenger Experience with TA Connections

May 03, 2024 | News
"The results speak for themselves - we received incredibly positive feedback and realized that our partnership with TA Connections is a great success." Auriany Dourado, Airport Analyst at Gol Airlines.

When a passenger walks into an airport, their main priority is to get from check-in, to security, to their gate, and onto their flight as seamlessly as possible. When disruptions happen and passengers need to wait to fly until the next day, airlines may be responsible to help rebook flights, reserve transportation, and book hotels all to keep them comfortable until they are back on track. 

GOL Airlines, a Brazil-based airline with flights across the Americas, recently partnered with TA Connections during a crucial time for the company. GOL has always focused on improving their customers’ airport experience, and with the TA Disruption Hub, they’ve made new strides to improve their disrupted passenger management process. 

Auriany Dourado, airport analyst for GOL Airlines, shared how GOL Airlines is improving customer experience and streamlining operations with the TA Disruption Hub. 

Streamlining the Disrupted Passenger Experience

Once they’ve completed a simple online training on the TA Disruption Hub, GOL employees are able to easily view a list of specific disrupted passengers who need hotel accommodations and to send those passengers hotel vouchers. The TA Disruption Hub’s single-notification platform manages all communication to passengers from the time of booking to post arrival. 

According to Auriany, “Our airport employees now issue hotel vouchers quickly and conveniently, thanks to TA Connections' innovative disrupted passenger management platform.” 

Providing Care and Attention to Every Customer

The TA Disruption Hub not only streamlines the disrupted passenger experience, it also significantly improved GOL Airlines’ customer experience, Dourado says. 

“GOL is committed to our passengers’ experience, and TA Connections’ solution streamlines the disrupted passenger process, improves hotel management, and clearly communicates a complete resolution plan for our customers. With TA Disruption Hub, GOL can maintain our focus on high-quality care, ensuring that each client and their families are treated with personalized attention during a challenging time.”

Improving inventory management

By using TA Disruption Hub, GOL was also able to improve their hotel inventory management, too. Now, employees can view hotel availability in real time and communicate with the TA Connections team through online chat, which is available 24/7. 

“The results speak for themselves - we received incredibly positive feedback and realized that our partnership with TA Connections is a great success. We are truly pleased with the results achieved thus far and look forward to continuing to improve our operations together.”

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