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Smarter Flight Plans With Intelligent Ticketing Switch

Jul 07, 2023 | News

TA Connections knows that the goal of any airline is getting people to their final destination. Fast.  So when current flight options can’t support that, you need ways to book a crew member or reticket disrupted passengers on another airline’s flight. That’s why we developed a new, integrated technology offering for our aviation customers: our state-of-the-art Intelligent Ticketing Switch. 

Meet the Intelligent Ticketing Switch, an aggregate airline ticketing platform that’s available within the TA Disruption Hub and the TA Crew Hub. This new technology connects seamlessly to a global network of flight inventory- from  GDS, NDC, private inventory, and alternative airline reservation systems via a single platform, offering crew members and disrupted travelers automated and “smart” ticketing. 

The Intelligent Ticketing Switch is directly integrated into the TA Connections solutions, leveraging advanced technology methodologies and tightly coupled to the TA Disruption Hub and TA Crew Hub rules and logic engines. The solution gives airlines unparalleled access to inventory, configurable compliancy and policies, automated pricing and fare optimization, and fully digital ticketing experiences for global crew and passenger needs. Best of all, you get to input your organization’s specific guidelines, so you can be sure you’re compliant with government regulations and company policies. With Intelligent Ticketing Switch, you remain in control.

When the Intelligent Ticketing Switch Matters

If passengers are disrupted or crews need to be sent to another city, airlines can view global inventory from all supply channels. They then can rebook on any flight to get the traveler to their final destination at the right time. With the Intelligent Ticketing Switch, airlines also have access to more inventory at lower price points through automated pricing and fare optimization, so crews and passengers are rebooked faster and at a lower rate.   

Take a look at the benefits of the Intelligent Ticketing Switch for disrupted crews and passengers using the TA Crew Hub and TA Disruption Hub. 

TA Crew Hub with Intelligent Ticketing Switch

With the Intelligent Ticketing Switch on the TA Crew Hub, our crew logistics management suite, crews can book flights on other airlines for all crew flight ticketing needs, including positioning, dead-heading, and other unplanned disruptions, plus: 

  • Book bulk flight requests via real-time upload and import
  • Automated book services of batch ticketing
  • Set business logic and rules, including Max Fare Policy, fare type, class of service, and preferred carriers
  • Self-shop for new flight
  • Can be integrated with Bid Planning Data and Crew Management Systems (CMS)

TA Disruption Hub with Intelligent Ticketing Switch

On the TA Disruption Hub, our proactive disruption system, passengers can book flights on other airlines during disruptions because of the Intelligent Ticketing Switch. Additional benefits include:

  • Create a positive customer experience during disruption events
  • Set business logic and rules, including Max Fare Policy, fare type, class of service, and preferred carriers by passenger or carrier operations rules
  • Access to a customer self-service platform with alternative flight options within the mobile app or default to pre-selected alternative flight
  • Notifications for customers about flights and disruption events with their preferred method of communication
  • Can be integrated between airlines Passenger Service Systems (PSS) and Departure Control Systems (DCS) 

Digital, mobile, smarter, connected. TA Connections has solutions to empower your business and customers. To get started with Intelligent Ticketing Systems, request a personalized demonstration today.  Or to learn more about the latest on the new technology visit our Intelligent Ticketing Switch website