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Become More COVID-Compliant with Contactless Vouchers

Feb 03, 2021 | News

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the use of contactless payments. Travelers and airline employees are prioritizing hygiene and safety more than ever, and contactless technology minimizes physical contact and allows travelers to practice social distancing.

TA Connections offers paperless voucher technology so that passengers and agents can avoid frustrating lines and wait times. Our proven platform integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. TA Connections’ Intelligent Passenger Management (IPM) suite can be up and running in as little as 21 days, and the application is fully customizable to your branding standards.

Here’s how your airline can deliver seamless, contactless support:

1. Integration with airline passenger service systems allows agents to issue electronic vouchers using TA Connections’ Intelligent Passenger Management (IPM) suite.

Agents can use our applications to offer hotels, meals, and transportation options. Our applications utilize real-time hotel inventory and automatic communications to passengers.

2. Mobile notifications eliminate frustrating lines and wait times.

Preempt your recovery and create a more positive passenger experience by issuing automatic offers to multiple disrupted travelers at once. The entire, simple process is contactless, so passengers and agents can avoid frustrating lines and wait times for vouchers. This also helps to protect employees and travelers by promoting social distancing practices.

3. Passengers instantly redeem vouchers from their own device.

Disrupted passengers can instantly book hotel rooms and access meal vouchers in a self-service, airline-branded site. The process only takes 3 clicks, without the need to download an application. Travelers receive real-time notifications of digital vouchers on their mobile device, and all payments are made virtually. 

4. Digital Payments = Accuracy, efficiency and eliminate overpayments & fraud risk.

TA Connections’ passenger solutions include an integrated digital payment solution for hotel, meals & transportation services. Utilizing VCC’s (Virtual Credit Cards) ensures accuracy of approved passenger expenditures and reduces costs by only paying for what was utilized. VCC’s are secure digital payment cards issued based around your business rules and authorized billable amounts. Providing your airline accuracy, efficiency and seamless consolidated billing with clear visibility of all expenditures. Ultimately, our digital payments improve your airline operations, increase financial controls and enhance customer satisfaction.

Elevate your travel experience.

Major airlines trust TA Connections to help manage over 17 million passenger and crew member worldwide hotel accommodations a year. Contact our team to learn more about our full suite of disrupted passenger services, crew accommodation capabilities, proprietary hotel database, advanced technology, and dedicated global airline support to reduce the impact of travel disruptions.