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A Guide to the Aviation Market for Airlines

Mar 13, 2024 | News
4.7 billion passengers could travel this year

Airline Market Nearly $1 Trillion in Revenue

The global airline industry will need to serve a record-breaking 4.7 Billion in 2024 and will grow to $964 Billion in revenue.

The Trends of Air Travel Explained

The 2024 Aviation market is complex and growing rapidly. This year, passengers are looking to combine business and leisure travel, airlines will have to contend with increasing competition for talent, and find ways to combat rising fuel costs.

2024 Market Outlook Report

We’ve worked with experts to create the 2024 Aviation Market Outlook Report so you stay informed on the market drivers that support profitable growth. 

Modernizing airports to support record demand for air travel

As more travelers take to the skies, airports will need to be ready to handle an influx of passengers.

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