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Airline Lodging and Logistics

The airline industry’s leading source for crew and displaced passenger lodging and logistics

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We understand the different needs of different clients, whether it’s fully automating hotel and transportation accommodations for a scheduled carrier, handling the dynamic crew logistics requirements of charter operations, or focusing on last-minute, fast moving bookings for private aviation clients.


We simplify travel management with AI-powered booking applications, customizable rules engines, and global negotiated rates.


Our technology and services bring greater efficiency, transparency, and data to all of our customers, guaranteed.


We work jointly with our hotel suppliers to provide seamless operations and service for crew accommodations and logistics.


We provide transportation services that move at the speed of your business, ensuring on-time, integrated operations.

Intelligent Applications

Intelligent Crew Logistics Management Suite
Insights, sourcing, control and crew convenience tools to add transparency and real-time visibility to your operations - saving time and money.
Intelligent Passenger Management Suite
Improve passenger support and quickly get passenger journeys back on track with accuracy and operational efficiency
BizHero Corporate Travel Management
Centralized hotel, flight and car rental booking capabilities, cost savings pricing, and travel policy compliance functionality
For Airlines

Get specialized services from fully automating hotel and transportation accommodations to fast-moving bookings.

For Crews

Gain instant access to intelligent applications to accommodate crew logistics workflows.

For Displaced Passengers

Provide emergency relief and IROP solutions to distressed passengers with disrupted flights.

The TA Connections Difference

As the world’s leading travel management partner, we offer the industry’s largest travel database for unmatched access to travel inventory—options that meet your rigorous specifications, at deeply discounted savings.

Unparalleled Support

Benefit from the stability and support of a large and growing enterprise who is focused on investing in your business.


Our end-to-end, AI-based application portfolio is the most advanced in the industry, built to match client’s exact specifications.

Empowering Travelers

We have improved sourcing leverage for our clients with combined hotel room nights now over 34M booked per year.

Global Experts

Our talent pool is the deepest and richest in the industry drawing on aviation, hospitality and technology.


Gain access to an advanced, streamlined payments system through integration with existing FLEETCOR payment technology.

Cost Saving

Our process automation solutions are 15-25% less than what companies spend today, with no fee to airlines.

Our Partnerships

TA Connections partners with more than 140 aviation and cruise line companies and hundreds of thousands of hotels worldwide to connect global airline and rail crews, scheduled and IROP pilots and cabin crews, disrupted passengers, and corporate and leisure customers with end-to-end turnkey solutions or targeted business support.

TA Connections Empowers Travelers Globally

Data, analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning-guided insights

Seamless integration with crew scheduling and communication systems

Industry-leading crew hotel accommodations and transportation services

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