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Digitize All the Details with TA Connections

Nov 03, 2023 | News

At TA Connections, we understand that airlines have to perform hundreds of tasks before an airplane can even leave the ground. Multiple teams with various functions have to work in sync to manage these tasks, and they are often only given analog tools to do so.

These manual methods of communication, such as radios or paper-based documents, can lead to delays in receiving important updates or information, slow down communication and problem-solving, and make it more difficult to complete necessary reports. All this can reduce on-time departure, decrease the opportunity for ancillary revenue, and impact the customer’s experience.

Helping Airlines Digitize the Details

To empower an airline’s staff to perform their roles more and more effectively, TA Connections offers a suite of digital solutions. These digital solutions help dissolve data silos to simplify team member communication and allow for real-time updates to be seamlessly communicated back to the business. Plus, digitization of records helps airlines improve data security, increase the chances of regulatory compliance, and advance mobility- so your staff is free to meet their customers where they’re at.

Get to know the TA Connections’ solutions that help airlines digitize all the details, from simplified in-flight purchases to creating a mobile airport infrastructure. 

The TA Digital Hub is a resource for ramp and airport operations management. This industry-leading mobile solution includes the ability to track bags and reduce reliance on airport infrastructure:

  • TA Ramp: TA Ramp delivers fast, digital baggage scanning that significantly improves reconciliation accuracy and reduces mishandled bags. It also provides the necessary real time operational information critical for every turnaround.
  • TA Airport: TA Airport is a truly mobile Departure Control System. TA Airport integrates with core airline systems to become a mobile extension of your DSC, supporting check-in, ancillary sales, digital boarding passes, and more.

The TA Crew Hub not only streamlines the crew layover process, but also improves operational efficiency and improves customer and crew experience. The Crew Hub includes TA Inflight, our truly digital cabin that captures all the details that your crew needs in a single application.

  • TA Inflight: Our digital cabin solution delivers in-depth passenger information, including booking information and passenger profiles, for an enhanced, more personal inflight service. With TA Inflight, crews have access to manuals and checklists, real-time information, and a smart retail POS solution.

Learn how you can digitize the details with our end-to-end airline operational solutions today.

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