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Transform your Data, Logistics, and Booking with TA Connections’ Artificial Intelligence Solutions

May 05, 2021 | News

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine-learning algorithms are not just a feature of TA Connections’ Intelligent Crew Logistics Suite (ICLM) and Intelligent Passenger Management Suite (IPM): They are their core foundation. Our solutions were developed using industry-leading advanced coding methods and technologies, and created to transform the way we interact with technology by bridging the gap between machines and humans.

TA Connections’ applications harness machine learning algorithms, AI, and complex logic to analyze data, including airline operational patterns, rest requirements, associated rooming needs, inventory management, price patterns, predicting hotel rate trends, and occupancy forecasting. Users gain enhanced visibility into key market insights through our centralized proprietary environment, which provides access to relevant data sets.

Here’s how TA Connections members can use our technology to identify opportunities, create logic, and automate workflows across all business units. 

The “hubs” of the ICLM and IPM suites provide three fundamental layers of intelligence, which work together to provide intelligent workflows, automation, seamless communication, and experience across all channels.

●      Layer 1: The first intelligence layer identifies patterns in hundreds of millions of travel and economic datasets relevant to different markets to identify hotel-related opportunities. Knowledge created by this layer includes sentiment and topic analysis, traveler and crew reviews, analysis of economic development, and crime-safety reports.

●      Layer 2:  The second layer uses previous knowledge as a foundation to provide actionable insights that are relevant to specific customers. This layer predicts prices in different markets, allowing TA Connections to procure hotels that meet contract and IROP costs, safety minimum requirements, and overall defined needs of the client.

●      Layer 3: The third intelligence layer communicates all relevant parameters and previous information to our business rules engine, where these datasets are matched with customer-specific profiles within our rules engine. Relevant parameters include property, property address and location, room types, cancellation policies by room and inventory type, property outlets, concessions and amenities, and contractual terms, in addition to all previous information. Next, this data is brought against real-time data processing between the Crew Management System (CMS) and TA Connections ICLM or IPM Hub and Passenger Recovery System (PRS), or Passenger Service System (PSS).

Each respective hub utilizes complex algorithms and customer-specific business rules to automate workflows. These workflows include room assignments, forecasting of room or transport blocks, automated change communications to vendors, transportation assignments, automated inventory re-utilization, and continual auditing.

The process finishes with audited and fully-managed payment processing and billing assignments, using virtual and reverse invoicing methodologies. The data continuously flows between the environments providing ongoing application learning and optimization based on actual utilization and patterns in real time, saving your teams valuable time and money.

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